Very very good friends

“And every moment was so precious” (“Strawberry swing” - ColdPlay )


Photo: Nick and me

Yeah Prashant!!! Will be this post just in English … finally boy … I will try to write without corrections and translations.


Photo: Prashant and Nick

It is very good to tell about friends and for long time I have not done this kind of post here.


Photo: Pablo and me

Sincerely I do not have words to say how much you are important for me, guys. Be with them has been the secret of my happiness in England because they are so friendly that I think I am really in my home.


Photo: Nick

Without you, guys, everything would be most difficult and a little sad.


Photo: Prashant and Nick

Really I would like to say “Thank you” for this incredible year you have given to me.

I hope to be with you in next year …


Photo: Prashant and me

Best wishes my good friends.

See you.

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