Going back

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet (Rene Boiteau)


Photo: Rene and Me (MIT)

Yeah, it is a english post, Katie! I am writing to report my going back to Cambridge (England) via Boston (U.S) and Cambridge (U.S)!


Photo: Me (MIT)

I went do U.S for participating of Material Research Society Meeting (MRS). I am so glad for having closed the section of nobel prize. Actually I did two very nice presentations there.


Photo: Rene

Boston is my favorite place in U.S. . I have been there three times and this was the most special because now I have my very good friend Rene there.
My days in Boston were fantastic and fascinating. I know, as never before, the city and the life in Boston.


Photo: Beautiful Boston

Thank you very much Rene and his girlfriend for hospitality and amazing hosting.
Biggest hug.

Coming soon: Cambridge (again :D)

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